Sewer Snake Rentals Fairhaven MA

Sewer Snake Rentals Fairhaven MA


Do you have a backed-up sewer? Are you in need of sewer snake rentals Fairhaven MA? Renovation Rentals can help.

With the holidays coming, the last problem you want is a sewer problem. But why pay incredible costs to have a plumbing company come clean your sewer lines when you can stop by Renovation Rentals and have our friendly and knowledgable staff teach you how to use sewer snake rentals Fairhaven MA? We’ll help you choose the right equipment for your project and then give you a tutorial on how to properly handle the equipment before you take it home.

Not only does Renovation Rentals offer superior customer service, but our prices beat box store prices.

Sewer Snake Electric Eel Model C 3″ to 10″ Lines

1/2 Day (4 hours) $65

Full Day (24 hours) $85

Week (5 days) $340

So why not take half a day to clean out your drains and sewer lines with sewer snake rentals Fairhaven MA from Renovation Rentals? We are always happy to help, so come see us today!