Log-splitter Rental Freetown, MA

Renovations Rentals has plenty of log-splitter rental Freetown, MA ready to go today!

Stock up your wood pile with ease by renting our 37 ton NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log-splitter.

Take home your log-splitter rental Freetown, MA today and get started on your home project whether it is splitting and stacking a couple cords for winter fires or simply making use of those out of control trees in your yard.

We are all about customer service at Renovation Rentals, so our team is always on hand to show you which equipment is best for your project. Not only will we help you find the right log-splitter rental Freetown, MA, we will help you learn how to use your rental like the pros.

So why spend $2k to buy a splitter you use once every blue moon, when you can rent from Renovation Rentals. Come ask us about our log-splitter rental Freetown, MA and get started today!