Aerial Lift Rentals Acushnet, MA

Towable tm 34 boom lift

Looking for aerial lift rentals Acushnet, MA? We’ve got them at Renovation Rentals.

Whether you are looking for a boom lift or a scissor lift we’ve got the right aerial lift rentals Acushnet, MA for you. Not sure what the difference is? Thats ok. This link may help describe the difference between these two kinds of aerial lifts. If not, no worries. Our highly knowledgeable staff is ready to provide any and all information you need to properly operate the machinery/equipment you rent from us.

We have the aerial lift rentals Acushnet, MA that you need for your project, whether you are painting or residing a house, or trimming low-hanging or dead limbs from trees. So, come on down to Renovation Rentals today so we can help you get your projects done fast and done right.

Right now you can rent our towable tm 34 boom lift for the following rates. Call us today and don’t miss out this great deal!

4 hrs $165

Full Day $200

Week $625